We have selected a list of questions frequently asked. Please see below questions and answers.

Is my single or music video guaranteed airplay if I use your services?

No. Airplay is never guaranteed. We do not pay anyone to play list your music; it is therefore unethical for us to guarantee airplay as there are numerous factors at play when music compilers and music schedules consider what to play list.

How is it more beneficial to use your agency than it is to do it myself if airplay is not guaranteed?

We have relationships with the various stations and channels thereby affording us as an agency the ability to get our emails attended to quicker and receive feedback quicker (from those that give feedback). We have dedicated teams that ensure all relevant platforms receive the music. We therefore save you time and resources, and give you the peace of mind knowing your disk isn’t covered under a pile of other people’s music, or that your email submissions were unread.

Will I get feedback from all radio stations that my single is submitted to?

No. We endeavour to get feedback from as many radio stations as possible during your project period, however with most stations now taking the policy of not giving feedback on submissions due to high volumes of submissions, we encourage to keep listening to the various stations to hear if your single has been play listed. We get direct feedback from about 80% of radio stations. The rest we ascertain via electronic radio monitoring, listening to various stations and social media mentions of airplay.

Will I get feedback from all TV channels/programmes that my music video is submitted to?

Yes. The various TV channels/programmes will advise us if your music video has been play listed or rejected. Sometimes they are at a backlog or have no space to add new music videos and they will communicate this to us. The platforms that do not playlist or reject your music video within your project period will be described as NOT PLAY LISTED when you receive your closing report. This does not mean your music video will never be play listed. We’ve had clients report that some TV channels/programmes play listed their videos up to 6 months later.

Do I get interviews on the stations that are playing my music?

No. Actively requesting interviews are considered a PR function. Should you not have a PR agency but would like this service, please visit our sister company, Sheila Afari Public Relations, for rates – Should a station request an interview, we will by all means forward them your details.

How do you work out your rates?

We look at industry standards with regards to pricing. We also consider the resources used to complete a project, the amount of hours spent liaising with the various stations/channels, the relationships we have built over the years, and our professional execution of projects.

How does payment work?

100% upfront payment is needed before the commencement on a project begins. This is non-negotiable. Discounted rates are afforded to labels that need numerous projects done at the same time.

How long does the process take?

We wrap up all projects within 30 DAYS of starting. We digitally sample all the relevant platforms within the first three days; however the process takes a number of weeks due to follow ups to get feedback from the various platforms. Music listening sessions are held by various stations/channels and the periods that these sessions take place vary from organisation to organisation. We need to account for all types of delays in communication as some compilers may be on leave or out of office etc.

Previously this process used to take 2 – 3 months, however with the change in the music industry of musicians dropping new singles more frequently, it is not recommended to drag out this process for so long and we’ve made changes on our back end to ensure that projects are wrapped up faster so that the artist knows whether or not to keep pushing the same single or move onto another one based on the feedback received.

What is your procedure if I would like you to continue working on my project after the 30 days so that I get feedback from all radio stations?

You would need to pay for the additional time on your project. Rates are determined based on how many stations are left.

What details do you need to get the process going?

We need publishing details as per below. We also need the artist’s bio, pics, social media handles, MP3 of the track and artwork of the track.

  • Artist:
  • Song Title:
  • Producer:
  • Publisher:
  • Track Duration:
  • ISRC no:

How many physical disks do you need and why do you need them?

We need 15 hard copy disks. Most stations now have the technology to download mp3s and/or links via email, however there are still stations that need the physical disks and we will alert you of those.

How can I improve my chances of getting my song play listed?

The general public influence how well songs do on charts, and can also influence songs getting onto the playlist. Send the track to friends. Send it to DJs. The further your reach and listener familiarity with the track, the more likely they are to request the song from radio stations.

Doing interviews to promote the song as well as live performances also help in creating traction/buzz about your single which can influence stations to play list it (even after they have rejected it).

Also don’t put all your hope in the “big” commercial stations. African Language Stations (ALS), Community Stations, and Campus Stations have helped break the careers of some of SA’s biggest artists by helping them gain mass appeal on the ground. Every platform plays a part and should be appreciated.

Will I know why my song didn’t get play listed?

We endeavour to give as much feedback as possible and will include individual feedback from stations in your weekly sampling report. It must be noted though that music compilers are not obliged to give specific feedback on rejections and will most likely advise us that the song did not meet their stations criteria as a standard response.